Blueprint for Grief

Facilitated by Leslie Hunt Palumbo, LCSW

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This group is appropriate for anyone who has lost someone quite dear to them to death, no matter when, who would like to learn the blueprint of grief and experience some guidance for the journey toward restoration, expansion, & joy.


BLUEPRINT FOR GRIEF 6 Week Online Course


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Blueprint for Grief:

The Comprehensive Guide for Mourning

A 6 Week Course Online Course for Restoring from Loss

facilitated by Leslie Hunt Palumbo, LCSW

12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

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I am so excited that you are thinking about joining us! I have been where you are now. I’ve experienced complicated loss, tragic unexpected loss, and the untimely loss of my spouse after a protracted battle with cancer.  As a mourner, even though I am a long time professional in the field of grief, I have been lost in the weather patterns of grief.

I have put together what I feel is the most helpful information and support that one could have while trying to navigate such a major life shift. That’s this course! Think of it as a how-to guide for how to move through the passage grief, but also as a guide for how to find restoration, expansion, and ultimately the return of joy that is part of the journey of mourning. I know it would have helped me immensely, and does today, so I’m hoping it will help you, too, in the same way.


* An overall structure and framework for the grieving process and the most useful skills you can access to move through grief 

* Practical advice for how to move through points of vulnerability, & how to interact with the world (and talk about it with other people), and how to rebuild life around the loss. 

* Guidance with specific techniques for how to cope with and ground yourself during emotional flooding and overwhelm. 


Six weeks of course content and discussion

4 Q&A sessions

Access to online community for support, guidance & connection

BONUS opportunity for one:one guided session with Leslie


WEEK ONE: The Landscape of Grief

  • The Terrain of Grief: Getting to Know the Landscape
  • The Assistive Factors Inherent in this Universal Healing Process (you already possess them!)
  • The Most Surprisingly Consistent Thing about Grief
  • The 3 Tools you Need to Navigate Grief
  • Employing Change Theory in Bereavement
  • Goalsetting for the Journey: Developing your Grief Mantra

WEEK TWO: Protection and Self Care

  • The Full Time Job of Grief & How to Stay the Course
  • The Rules of Self Protection in Grief
  • The Art of Protective Conversation
  • How to Deal with Offense
  • How to be True to your Inner Process and Still be in Public
  • The 5 Aspects of Resilience Applied to Grief

WEEK THREE: Boundaries for a New Emerging Identity

  • Secondary Losses: Relationships, Relationship Configurations, & the Loss of Identity
  • Everything through a New Lens: Reinterpreting Past, Present, & Future
  • Grieving Stereotypes & How Not to Fall into Them
  • How to Engage Inner Strength and become a Grief Warrior
  • Grief Grounding: Your 3 Top Values
  • The Unchanging Parts of the Journey: “You are Still You”

WEEK FOUR: How to Deal with Negative States

  • Triggers, Reactivity and Responsiveness.
  • Pain v. Suffering
  • How to Deal with “Emotional Drowning” in Grief and Move Yourself up the Emotional Scale
  • Self Compassion for Negativity
  • Living with Bittersweet as a Constant Companion
  • Cultivating Mindfulness as a Valuable Asset in Grief

WEEK FIVE: Resilience and A New World View

  • Strengthening the 5 Qualities of Resilience in Grief
  • Rules for Re-engagement with Life and People
  • Finding a World View to Fit the Circumstances
  • How to Tell and Continue to Write your Story
  • Reaffiliation and What it Can Look Like


WEEK SIX: The Gifts of Grief

  • Inherent Compassion in Bereavement
  • Reaping the Benefits of Grace
  • Service as the Antidote to Sadness
  • What it Means to Find Meaning
  • The Web of Life and Connecting to Unity
  • The Return of Joy: How to Recognize Joy in its New, Intricate Form




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BLUEPRINT FOR GRIEF 6 Week Online Course

VENMO $217

TO @Leslie-palumbo-2
Security number X8349
For: Blueprint of Grief

 You will receive an email receipt and confirmation and links and relevant materials for the classpastedGraphic.png

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 You will receive an email receipt and confirmation and links and relevant materials for the classpastedGraphic.png


About Leslie Hunt Palumbo, LCSW 

Leslie is a psychotherapist, grief counselor, author, & speaker with over 25 years of clinical experience helping people move through loss feeling restored and expanded. Her extensive work, which has earned her the nickname “The Angel of Grief”, encompasses individual & group clinical work; guidance for families through the hospice experience; presenting workshops worldwide; and consulting with the Chicago Public Schools, Yale’s Smilow Cancer Hospital, and other professional organizations. Leslie studied at Boston University, Yale University and Loyola University School of Social Work. She completed the intensive Presence Training for Professionals with Eckhart Tolle and studied in extended meditation retreat with Pema Chodron, and always brings a deep presence into her work.

In addition to her extensive clinical training at Boston University and Loyola, Leslie completed the intensive presence training for professionals with Eckhart Tolle and studied in meditation retreat with Pema Chodron, and always brings an element of mindfulness into the work. She is currently leading retreats, group & individual teachings on the Gifts of Grief. Check the calendar for upcoming 2023-2024 Wisdom of Grief Workshops and explore her book, The Wisdom of Grief: Mining the Treasure Inherent in Great Loss on Amazon.


Here is what I want you to get out of The Blueprint for Grief:

I want you to go from feeling alone to being hopeful and more grounded during this major life passage. I want you to feel understood. I want you to leave this group feeling more like part of the human family, and more empowered about your grief and about what is to come. I want you to maybe even see parts of your own grief as having an expansive effect on your life and experience. As your pain softens in our time together, I want you to grow in surprising and positive ways through the psychoeducation, experience, & community in our time together.

Grief feels overwhelming, but rest assured it has its own intelligence, and if you are able to surrender to it—if you can let it happen because it IS already happening—it can guide you to a better, more empowered place. This is where The Blueprint for Grief comes in—to help you with the support, strength, and perspective to move through this often overwhelming experience, find hope for the future, and connect with joy and love once again.


No matter what kind of grief you are going through, here are the three most important tools during the process of bereavement:

hands touching1. FAITH/TRUST:  As part of the system of natural intelligence we can trust grief. As a healing process, grief is restorative. The universal things that happen to us in grief are always meant to restore us to equilibrium. (An example of this is SHOCK,  which is also referred to as nature’s analgesic. Shock protects us from feeling the enormity of the loss all at once, it promotes a state of present moment awareness or mindfulness by slowing the discursive mind, and it exhausts us physically so we are forced to rest).

Where we get stuck in grief is always where we stop moving with/trusting the experience and begin fighting it or questioning the sense of it. At its essence, FAITH is simply holding an open mind and heart. It is trusting in something bigger than you. It is trusting yourself to move forward without knowing/to keep walking even in the dark. It is trusting your capacity to learn and adapt to this new foreign landscape. Faith is also holding the truth that the nature of life is change and that your grief, too, will change- you will not always feel about your loss the way you feel today. Ultimately, grief requires faith in ourselves and our capacity to grow and adapt.

2. SELF COMPASSION. Grief is about meeting ourselves where we are at. We need to accompany ourselves with kindness. This alternate universe of grief is new and constantly changing- so we have to take our temperature all the time & adjust expectations accordingly. Having compassion for our limits and respecting them is self protective.

It is helpful to recognize that because it is associated with loss and loss is always unwanted, grief is universally resisted. It is the 24/7 job that you never asked to have and, in fact, actively didn’t want. It is the club you didn’t want to be part of. It is a formidable learning process. We are thrust into a foreign landscape out of our element. It can be incredibly overwhelming, physically painful, and de-stabilizing. For these reasons, being kind to ourselves is necessary. It softens the pain and overwhelm of grief. There is no doubt about it, the gentler and more patient that you are with yourself, the easier your journey will be.

3. PERSPECTIVE. Grief is many layered & full of paradoxes. It is linear and nonlinear. It is both interpersonal and solitary, and has public and private aspects. Grief spans across time- it involves the past, the present, and dreams for the future. A willingness to see events from all angles and not get fixated in one view is immensely helpful during all of this paradox.

 Grief is a story in our lives but we don’t want it to become the story of our life. It represents an intense chapter, and it is also as we review past chapters through this new lens, as we tell the story of what’s happened to us, and as we write the next chapter, that we need the third tool of grief. Perspective is useful with some of the darker emotions that we move through in grief- it helps to remind ourselves that these are passageways and not permanent places.

Perspective includes finding and re-engaging with what’s beautiful that is still left to us. It involves gratitude for what we still have. It also includes giving ourselves permission to fully engage in life again and to dream about what is yet to come.